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Pet Bottles Preforms Grinders
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Suitable for grinding of PET Bottles,Jars and Preforms. Well proven machines in use across the country. Click on the thumbnails below for a detailed view.
Standard Model Plastic Scrap Grinder (Granulator) Low Noise Blow Moulded Scrap Grinder  
Standard Grinders Model Nos. Machine Size (L*W*H) in mm Low Noise Grinders Model Nos. in mm Machine Size (L*W*H) in mm Feed Opening in mm Motor (HP) Kgs/hr For Containers up to Ltrs/Kgs *Output upto Kgs/hr Screen Size Holes in mm
GI-300/S/PET/5 1500*800*1735 GI-300/LN/PET/5 1650*950*1800 300 5 2 40 7/8
GI-480/S/PET/10 1650*960*1900 GI-480/LN/PET/10 1800*1100*1950 480 10 6 150 7/8
GI-540/S/PET/15 1700*1200*2100 GI-540/LN/PET/15 1850*1350*2150 540 15 20 200 8/9
In the above Grinders you can directly grind the containers without cutting as mentioned model wise. We can also offer grinders for bigger size containers/more output as per your requirement.

*Average output is given, it depends on type of materials, screen holes size & specific conditions.


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